Novak Djokovic : The Australian Open is my priority, but we will have to wait and see

The Australian open defending champion is affirmative in playing and defending the title again in January.

Facts are also in his favour as no man has won more singles Australian Open titles than the Serbian star.

This news came as a big booster for Djokovic’s fans but there is a lot left undecided about his scheduling.

“The Australian Open is, of course, for me the biggest priority and I will aim to go there,” Djokovic told the press in Belgrade.

“I am intending to go to Australia but obviously we have to wait and see [when that will be.]

“We still don’t know how the situation regarding the pandemic will unfold, whether Australia will shorten that quarantine period, if that is not the case, all tennis players will have to go to Australia much earlier.

“Tennis is privileged as a sport because it is lucky to have continued in a slightly changed and modified form.

“Most tournaments have continued since the end of the season. What will happen after that, a small percentage of people know that we will all have to correct ourselves and adjust every day, to change personal, family plans, it irritates each of us, but we have to deal with it and accept those circumstances.”

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