Wolff: Not willing to supply engines to Red Bull.

Mercedes not willing to supply Engines to Red Bull.

Toto Wolff
                                               Toto Wolff

Defending world champion’s Formula One team Mercedes has declined to follow Ferrari’s example in offering to supply engines to Red Bull. However Mercedes is already supplying customer engines to Williams, Lotus and Force India.

Red Bull is currently using Renault engines and they showed their dissatisfaction towards the Renault engines in terms of performances as compared to Mercedes and Ferrari engines.

“Four teams including our own is the maximum,” Wolff confirmed. “So at the moment we are happy with that.”

On the other hand Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne said the Italian brand is willing to and has shown his keen interest to supply engines to Red Bull. Last Ferrari engines used by Red Bull were in 2006.

“It’s in our DNA, we’ve done it before. I think we can provide engines to any of the teams that want to race. As long as we keep control over the aerodynamic work on the car, I think there’s going to be enough distinguishing traits between us and the competition,” said Marchionne.

 “I talk to everybody. And I have a lot of respect for Red Bull. I think they’ve done a lot for the sport; they’ve had the world championship for a number of years.”

The same offer, be that as it may, has not been expected from Mercedes, whose own turbo V6 ‘power unit’ is obviously the best in the pit lane.

“We are at full capacity,” Mercedes’ Toto Wolff told the Austrian news agency APA.

Then again, it may additionally be contended that Mercedes is just not willing to help Red Bull – the predominant title holders of 2010 through 2013.

“There are many reasons,” Wolff admitted.


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