Valtteri Bottas: I am staying with Williams.

Bottas not ruiling out, staying at williams.


Valtteri Bottas is staying with Williams till 2016. Finally he came out with his words that he has made a decision to stay with Williams. For the purchase of Bottas, Ferrari is offering Williams EUR 4 million out of his 2016 contract published in a Germany’s Bild newspaper this week.

Contacted by Brazil’s Globo, Grove based Williams said it “never” comments on the contractual situation of its drivers, and therefore will not comment on the Bild story.

“There are always a lot of rumours in F1. Nothing has changed for me. I am concentrating on this season, which is the best thing for me and the team”, Bottas told the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat in Austria on Wednesday.

“We will know later on what will happen,” he added.

Asked by Sport Bild correspondent Bianca Garloff if he feels ‘strong enough’ to take on Sebastian Vettel at the Maranello team, Bottas answered: “I feel strong enough, although I am learning from each teammate I have.”

Bottas, 25, was groomed towards the F1 grid by Williams since he became a test driver for the Grove team in 2010. According to him the British team is still on the top and is highly ranked by him in Formula One.

“For me, Williams is among the top three teams in formula one. If you want to be world champion in the next few years, you have to drive for one of those three teams,” said Bottas.

“My goal is the title. If that is possible with Williams, I would be very happy. Of course at some point, life goes on and you do need to think about yourself.”

F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone was questioned by Sky is Williams team is difficult to compete or is still fit for adding more titles to its count.

“With Frank (Williams), you would never say that nothing cannot happen. It’s possible,” he said.

“And I’d be the happiest guy in the world if he did. And I think even the people who are winning would be happy if he did.”


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