Tips on Betting in Formula 1 Racing

It’s for sure that the Formula 1 race happens to be the game with lots of glamour and loudness. The excitement is at the highest ebb now. Not only will you be having a lot of fun if you choose to bet for the game but also that the process allows you to have good money.

At the very outset the game may look as simple enough, but the more one steps ahead to play the game, the more the fun increases, as you will be able to have some very good amount of money for the same. At the same time, the rules of the game also increases and you face the challenges in playing the same.

For racing on the winning path you will have to, in that case, make the researches and come up with new tactics and strategies, understanding the game all the better is essential in this case.

Sites for Betting:
To start with, placing the bet would be possible with the use of the online bookmarker. The followings are the sites for that task:

Coral: Among the different bookies Coral is interesting because of its competitive odds and best market selection. The site is almost an all time favorite.

BetVictor: Among the top ones, BetVictor is worth mentioning. The performance of this site is more than average.

Tips on Betting in Formula 1 Racing

Sky Bet: So far the market is concerned; you will be having the best options. During and before the film, you will be able to have the best options.

Bet365: For the punters with the good odds, Bet 365 happens to be the best option. The bonus option is also huge and therefore the winning option is also there.

Betfair Casino: It’s another good option to bet on sports and casino on this site. Check it out here –

Bets before the Bet:

Pre race bet happens to be that game where the betting will be done based on which driver will reach the pole position first. During the practice sessions of the cars on Saturday morning and afternoon, the bets are done. However, the betting process differs. In some cases, when using BetVictor or SkyBet, the bets are done on the winning drivers. However, you need to be a real pro to have a better understanding of this process.

Other Bets of F1:

There happens to be a lot more markets for the betting process and that is the reason other options for betting are also there. As the market is quite weather dependent, the options will be changing along with the change of the weather. The considerations and the bets will be made according to that. On reading the guidebooks and the manuals of the F1 bets, you will be having the best idea regarding the whole process.

The Rules for the Betting:

It is true that the betting process of F1 is quite easy, but there are some rules that should be maintained as well:

  • According to the presentations of the official podium, the bookies offer the result.
  • The drivers in the bet both should start and finish the race and complete all the laps.
  • Safety car initiation of the race will not be accepted for the bet.
  • If the driver does not start then the bet is null and void.
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