Philippe Bianchi: ‘Those responsible for Jules death must pay’


The tragic death of Jules Bianchi has forced his father Philippe Bianchi to claim that those who are responsible for his death must pay. He spoke to the media after the investigations done by FIA.

“The conclusions shocked me,” Bianchi’s father Philippe told Auto Hebdo, “because the people who did the investigation were the people being investigated. Is there no conflict of interest? Can you be the judge and the jury?

“The investigation is one thing, it gave its views, but good questions to ask and the right answers to give are different.”

On 5th October 2014 at Japanese Grand Prix, former Marussia driver Jules car left the track and crashed into a recovery vehicle. He suffered a diffuse axonal injury to the head at that time and went into coma.

The Marussia driver Jules Bianchi 25 was in a critical condition and remains unconscious and died in hospital in July but it was blamed by many that he was driving the car too fast which caused him a serious crash with recovery vehicle at Suzuka.

 “I said it before and I say it again: if there are those responsible then they must pay. One way or another. I am loud and clear. I lost Jules and will never get him back.”

“I have nothing to lose except his memory and the respect that we should have for him. So I will fight for him with all my strength,” Philippe Bianchi added.

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