Horner : Renault will leave Formula one

Renault will laeve F1, warns Christian Horner.


Renault team Principal Christian Horner warned that Renault will leave Formula One unless they are allowed to develop its engine next year.

According to Red Bull team boss it doesn’t come as a surprise, the things are not going so well for the French manufacturer and was often felt that the Renault has never exploited its success in F1.

“If you are effectively shutting engine development down in February, you are almost waving goodbye to them. The situation is we are at a precarious point in terms of Renault’s commitment to the future,” Horner said.

To minimise the cost overruns in this season development allowance, based on complicated token system, was introduced in this season only but in 2016’s draft regulations, it is no longer included. Any amendment to allow development in 2016 would require an approval from Mercedes side.

Mercedes need to have a bit of a grown-up think about it, and the FIA as well to say what is in the best interests of F1,” Horner quipped. “If F1 can afford to lose an engine manufacturer, then stick to February 28.”

Such a move, warns Horner, will drive Renault out of the sport.

“It’s like banging your head against the wall, nothing good’s coming out of it,” Ricciardo said of racing comparatively underpowered in the Canadian Grand Prix. “I tried and nothing worked: we didn’t have pace.”

However Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has already warned that the Renault has number of options i.e. buying a team or leaving the sport.

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