Hamilton welcomes new plans for F1 race start

FIA has informed the F1 teams of its new systems with respect to begins from the next month Belgian Grand Prix. World champion Hamilton supports the new F1 plans as well as back new formula one race start rule.

The new F1 race rule will make race much harder and surely reduce the information gap between driver and engineer. The new F1 rules will put the driver in control. There were many complaints regarding the use of sophisticated electronic software programmes.

After a week ago Strategy Group meeting at Biggin Hill, FIA has says it needs to guarantee that Article 20.1 of the F1 Sporting Regulations, which says that “the driver must drive the car alone and unaided, the aim of ensuring that drivers will be solely responsible for preparing for race starts.”

“I guess it depends how they go about doing it,” said Hamilton at Silverstone.

“I’m happy – the more control we get the better.

“At the moment we release the clutch but the performance is dictated from the team.

“They will tell you whether to go up or down on torque modes or all those sorts of things.
“Sometimes they calculate it right and sometimes they don’t.”

“For me the best starts were when I was in Formula 3 and you had a normal clutch,” he said.

“They were more fun because I had the control, so if they do it right [in F1] it could be good.”

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