F1 news: Williams used radical new Winglet.

Williams used illegal Winglet during Test at Red Bull Ring.


A radical new winglet tried by Williams in Austria on Tuesday is not lawful, as per Auto Motor und Sport, after spectators at the post-race test at Red Bull Ring, the new illegal winglet was by Susie Wolff on the car during the post-race test.

On the other hand another innovation seen on Force India’s new spec car. The new nose features two large, conspicuous ‘nostrils’ at the end.

Williams chief Rob Smedley said that this was done to increase performance for the next race at the British Grand Prix.

“We just constantly have to keep chipping away in bringing performance and, that said, we are looking at how we can improve the package we did bring here [to Austria].

“The target is to get to Silverstone and improve it further.”

Yet, the winglet, mounted on the floor in front of the back wheels, is not legitimate said reporter Michael Schmidt, subsequent to checking with “different groups and the FIA regulations”.

“Definitely illegal,” a voice from within a rival team is quoted as saying. “It looks like Williams just wanted to easily simulate some more downforce at the rear of the car.”



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