Supporters angry at English Football League for exorbitant prices of away tickets

The supporters are angry over the prices they are paying for away tickets that is 40% more than the Premier League prices

Supporters angry at English Football League for exorbitant prices of away tickets

The cost of football tickets has been a hot topic of debate especially for away game. A lot of supports have shown condemnation against the exorbitant prices of away tickets. A group of supporters at Liverpool organized a high-profile protest over proposed increases in season ticket prices during last season of Premier League.

With the ongoing protests and to save fans from paying huge sum of money League clubs have agreed plans to cap away tickets at £30 for the next three seasons in March 2016.

But despite such capping seven of the Championship’s 24 teams will be charging more than that for their first away game this season. This is highly unethical as away supporters have to pay travel charges too.

Aston Villa fans at Sheffield Wednesday face the highest cost, with the cheapest adult ticket selling for £42. The cost has prompted Villa fans to arrange protests at the game, with some planning to attend wearing robbers’ masks at Hillsborough.

“There’s a lot of anger at the moment I think this season, particularly because the prices in the EFL have been thrown into sharp contrast against the Premier League,” said spokesman for the Football Supporters’ Federation, Liam Thompson.

“But there’s lots of clubs who are doing a lot of good things, Reading have capped their away ticket prices at £20.

“So there are clubs in the Championship and in the EFL who have shown it is possible to give affordable away tickets to fans even outside of the Premier League’s TV money bonanza,” he added.


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