Online Sports Betting- Challenges & Tips

Sports betting can be a great way to add an extra level of excitement to an already enthralling sports event. From a condolence prize for your favourite team’s loss to an extra reason to celebrate a victory, a well placed bet can earn you cash prizes for every goal, try and winning match. But if you don’t know how to bet wisely, it can end up costing you. So here are a few challenges you may face and tips on how to come out on top.

Finding the best odds

While online sportsbook sites will most likely offer the same or similar odds, there is always slight variations. With so many different websites to browse through however, it can be a long and time consuming task to check through all the available odds.

Luckily, there is a choice of odds comparison sites that let you compare everything from Ladbrokes to Unibet online sports betting odds, as well as the smaller brands, who will sometimes offer more competitive odds. Then it’s a simple case of making your choice of sportsbook, clicking off, placing your bet and keeping your fingers crossed.  

When your team isn’t the favourite to win

Whether it’s football, rugby or tennis, we all have our favourite teams and players. Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t always mean they are the favourite to win. If you are hoping to give your bank balance a bit of a boost, then it’s always worth placing a bet on the team or player who is pinned to take the victory, as well as the one you’re rooting for.

Remember though that the better someone’s odds of winning, the less money you will make as a return. If you’re feeling confident in their chances, then you may want to consider placing slightly more money to make the bet worth your while.

Getting a little extra bang for your buck

As well as looking around for the best odds, you should be taking the time to find great offers and promotions. The majority of online sportsbooks will reward customers with deals that give them a little extra money to play with.

It’s not just dedicated bookmakers that will give you something extra to sweeten the deal. Often casino and igaming brands will include sports betting in their offering, like the Guts online sports betting platform for example. These can be a virtual treasure trove of great bonuses and taking advantage of offers like the Guts sportsbook promotion codes can help minimise your monetary risk while increasing your cash winnings.

Staying up to date with sports news

Injuries and incidents are not uncommon in major sports events and they can completely shake up the odds. It’s therefore important to keep an eye on the latest sports new so you can ensure you are making the best informed decision when you place your bet.

This doesn’t have to mean hours of research and trawling through the back pages of newspapers. Mobile apps such as Sky Sports News deliver the latest sporting news straight to your mobile, so you can keep your eye on your chances of winning, no matter where you are.

The end of sporting season

While sportsbetting sites by their very name and nature are focused on sports, they do sometimes branch out into other areas too. From political events to TV and film entertainment, these unique betting opportunities can add some extra excitement, especially when things are a bit quiet on the pitch front.

Big news events can draw in thousands of bets. Bookmakers paid out millions when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their daughter would be named Charlotte. And when it became clear that Jeremy Corbyn would win the leadership race for the British Labour political party, the Paddy Power online betting and bookmaker brand paid out £100,00 in bets early.

Knowing how much to bet

As with all gambling, the golden rule is to never bet more than you would be willing to lose. The idea of winning a lot of money is always tempting but, no matter how good your odds are, you are never guaranteed a win.

Always make sure that, however much your bet is worth, you wouldn’t be affected if you lost it. This way, you don’t have to feel stressed or anxious over the game and can just sit back and watch the action unfold, with a little financial incentive to cheer your team on extra hard.

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