Facilities at Central Broward Regional Park won Kumble’s Heart

Facilities at Central Broward Regional Park won Kumble’s Heart
Anil Kumble

Pleasantly surprised with the facilities at Central Broward Regional Park in USA, The India Coach Anil kumble seems to be very excited and hopeful for good matches between India and West Indies.  He considers it a “new beginning” for cricket in USA. The Central Broward Regional Park Stadium is the only ICC certified ODI standard stadium in USA. The way Kumble has praised the stadium it seems it is beyond his expectations.

Elevated with enthusiasm and energy Kumble said “Well, certainly didn’t expect the facilities to be as good as what it is here. I had heard about Florida and this ground, but I’m very impressed with the facilities that we have seen today. It is the first time I am seeing this ground and the wickets are good, ideal probably for a T20. The practice facilities, too, are good and the outfield is fantastic. All in all, really impressed with the way facilities are here. At least a start has been made. India is looking forward to next couple of days over the weekend. I’m sure the ground will be packed. From an Indian perspective, we are looking forward to these T20 games against the West Indies.”

It is indeed very challenging for Kumble to give good results as a coach and moreover it’s also challenging for the Indian team as well to switch from test to T20. Emphasizing on the strength, Kumble is confident the team will adapt soon and will give a good game. On the other hand speculations are there that West Indies will also give tough competition after 2-0 defeat from India in the four-match Test series. The challenges for both the teams, no doubt will end into an interesting and entertaining game but which team will come up with flying colors will be revealed only after the match.

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