Cricket: Vincent was threatened with bat for messing up a fix

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New Zealand banned cricketer Lou Vincent has revealed in a report that a cricket bat was used to threaten him in a hotel room when he messed up a fix. Vincent, who was banned from cricket for life on Tuesday after found guilty in corruption and match-fixing, said that he feared that he was going to attacked.

 According to the BBC, Vincent said that he got a phone call to meet the person he was working for; the person got a cricket bat and was walking towards him with a killer look in his eyes. The person was disappointed from him as he hits a six over the bowlers head instead of getting out as had been agreed. The former New Zealand batsman said that he could tell straight away that he had done wrong and was really surprised that the person did not follow through and hit him. This incident was occurred when Vincent was playing in Indian Cricket League (ICL) T20 competition in India in 2008.

He was spitting and fuming saying ‘you cost me millions. I could see I’d stuffed up massively. He accused me of double bluff but I wasn’t working against him deliberately. He sat me down and walked away and grabbed his cricket bat and I’m surprised he didn’t follow through and hit me. He stopped the bat above his head, walking towards me with this killer look in his eyes. I thought ‘this is pretty serious,” Vincent told the New Zealand Herald in an interview.

-‘I’ve been used and abused’ –

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