MetLife to Teach Life Skills via Badminton

“MetLife Badminton – Youth Development Program” was launched by MetLife in Hong Kong to teach life skills.file (1)

At the 12th and final tournament in the annual MetLife BWF World Superseries, MetLife launched the “MetLife Badminton – Youth Development Program” which teach youngsters eight life skills via a series of learn-to-play badminton workshops. The youngster will learn communications, respect, responsibility, trust, teamwork, decision making, goal setting and leadership skill in that program.

Ralph Brunner, Chief Marketing Officer, MetLife, Asia said, “MetLife is the second largest health insurer in the region and our community outreach program is an excellent way to give children the opportunity to better their lives in a unique and engaging way. Badminton is a fun, healthy way to share and teach key life values and skills to our next generation and is in line with MetLife’s corporate philosophy of helping to improve people’s lives.

Lennard Yong, Chief Executive Officer, MetLife, Hong Kong said that- “MetLife has been in Hong Kong for nearly 20 years and is committed to supporting local charity and community programs. MetLife thanks all the VIPs, youths and the children who participated. We hope to continue to serve our customers and help them pursue more from life.”

Morten Frost, Former top Men’s Singles player, also take part in that event and states that.“Young people are the future of badminton. To make badminton more popular and have more people playing badminton, we need to engage the youth and get them interested in badminton in a fun and engaging way to sustain their interest and today’s event is indeed a fun and engaging way to keep them interested in badminton.”

All participants received a medal and a certificate of achievement at the ending of the program. Along with this, MetLife also presented all the badmintons sports equipment from the program to the participating schools in order to help them carry on the spirit of badminton and sports in the future.

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