Formula 1 is all set to get its first triple-header in 2018

FIA has outlawed the idea of ‘preloaded’ start trick

The FIA has told Formula 1 teams that a trick idea for a ‘preloaded’ start procedure will not be allowed

New cost-cutting regulations approved for F1 cars

New cost-cutting regulations approved for F1 cars

Formula 1 bosses have approved the new set of rules intended to reduce the cost of engines and ensuring their performance converges

Philippe Bianchi: ‘Those responsible for Jules death must pay’

The tragic death of Jules Bianchi has forced his father Philippe Bianchi to claim that those who are responsible for

Hamilton welcomes new plans for F1 race start

FIA has informed the F1 teams of its new systems with respect to begins from the next month Belgian Grand

F1 news: Williams used radical new Winglet.

Williams used illegal Winglet during Test at Red Bull Ring. A radical new winglet tried by Williams in Austria on