Famous athletes who like gambling

Gambling spirit is a complicated state, associated with the expectation of victory, reword, anticipation of success, this is an invisible driving force that moves mountains and forces go the vole, gives pleasure and makes a fool of the depression, provokes and destroys. Why do we need it, why is it so hard to stop when you’re in rage and do we all want to gamble?

Gambling spirit is different for all people, ones are interested in the result, the others look for a thorny road to victory. Many individuals don’t care about the money, they are looking for something else: rolling the dice, feeling otherness and exclusivity, feeling himself chosen, the desire to prove something to somebody. The search for result, the desire to hit the mark – step by step led humanity to the pinnacle of evolution ladder and probably made people Masters of the Universe.

Professional athletes differ: some are gambling enthusiast, and the others don’t feel gambling spirit while playing. On the football field, on tennis court or on squared circle when the fans are looking at athletes, one looks like an emotional volcano while the other is ice-cold iceberg of calm. But this does not mean a lack of passion for the game and desire to win, it’s all about self-control and those athletes reach significant success most of the time, and not just in sports.

There is an interesting category of people who are players not only on sports fields of battles. Yes, they’ve written their names to the history and some records of them are astonishing. Little do we know, they can’t live without gambling. Some of these “pros” make fortunes in casinos, which are very popular among common pubic and international superstar athletes, such as John Daily, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Tiger Woods etc.

In this article we will tell you only about 2 (two of them).

Wayne Rooney

Excellent front man of English football club Manchester United (or “Red Devils” as they are called by the fans) and national team of England. His passion about gambling has a long-time history. Wayne is often seen at blackjack or roulette table, where he makes maximal bets as he “can afford it”, as he says that.
Once Rooney managed to lose 65 thousand pounds in two hours of being in the casino. He is regularly met at sportsbook where he makes decent bets. He was suspected in losing 700 thousand pounds once to the sportsbook which belongs to national team teammate Michael Owen. Fans were worried the disputes between players could spoil upcoming World Cup

Rick Tocchet

Famous hockey player, head coach assistant at “Phoenix Coyotes”. He was accused in organizing undercover sports betting office, the wife of the head coach was also accused. Later, Wayne Gretzky himself was known to have connection with that.

About a thousand bets was made in time the sports book existed with the total amount of less than 2 million dollars. According to New Jersey state law the organization of betting is a violation of a criminal law, that’s why Tocchet was banned from his coaching job and was prohibited to visit any matches till the end of investigation.

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