How to Build the Best Fantasy Football Team Possible

How to Build the Best Fantasy Football Team Possible

Fantasy football has increased in popularity every year. This is a great way for the NFL to engage with fans of the sport. There are many strategies to get the perfect fantasy football draft. Depending on the rules in your league, there are different positions that hold the most value.

One of the most important aspects of having success in a fantasy football league is having a plan. You do not want to go into a draft without a plan for your team. Before getting started with the draft, spend a couple of hours deciding what type of team you want to build. Here are some tips on drafting the best team possible.

Build the Foundation of Your Team

If you are in a fantasy draft, there are going to times when you take a chance on a dynamic player. However, in the early rounds, you need to concentrate on the foundation of your team. The first three rounds need to be dependable players who are going to start and play every week.

There are various players in the NFL who are great at getting yards and touchdowns. However, if the player gets injured a lot, they may be worth passing on in the early rounds. One of the best examples of this is with Rob Gronkowski. He is the best tight end in the league today. However, in the past few seasons, he has only played in five or six games a year. This is a major issue for your fantasy team if you draft him in the early rounds. You need to draft players who are both productive and dependable.


One area that many people tend to gloss over is the quarterbacks. You need to have a defined strategy for drafting a quarterback on your team. Some people choose to wait until the end of the draft to find the best quarterback for their situation.

Others would rather spend a high pick on an elite quarterback. There are various quarterbacks who are almost guaranteed to get dozens of points a week. However, drafting a quarterback this high means that other positions are going to be weak. You need to make sure your quarterback is on a team with a strong offensive line. Drafting a quarterback who gets hurt is detrimental to any football team.

You should also consider drafting a quarterback who can make things happen with his feet. Rushing touchdowns are worth more than passing touchdowns in any fantasy league.

Kicker and Defense

Kickers should not be drafted until the end of your draft. There is too little separation between kickers to draft them any higher. Not only that, but it is impossible to plan when your kicker is going to have a good week.

Drafting a defense and special teams should take place before kickers. There are some elite defenses in the league, but you should also keep an eye on the waiver wire during the year. This is a great way to find a quality defense that will get you easy points.

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