Seven days Dead-Line for F1 new rules

After spending nearly a year in making of the proposed new rules for Formula 1 for faster, more dynamic cars from 2017 has reached a deadline of seven days.

Seven days Dead-Line for F1 new rules
Seven days Dead-Line for F1 new rules

In the month of May last year, the FIA announced the Strategy Group had agreed on the need to make F1 more spectacular from 2017.

Following the announcement and working on it for nearly a year the new rules for F1 regarding faster, more dynamic cars were about to come on March 1. But as the rules were not framed properly that time a new date of April 30 is finalized at which the Sporting and Technical Regulations for 2017 must be finalized.

The new rule will make F1 cars to look more aggressive, wider, heavier and will run on fatter tyres. Wings will also be wider, with the rear wing lower than is currently the case.

“The cars are pretty good looking,” Williams’ chief technical officer Pat Symonds told Sky Sports.

“We are running ours in the wind tunnel this week and it looks like a proper racing car. It’s got very big rear tyres on it and it doesn’t look retro, which is a thing I was worried about.

“The front wing is swept back a little bit, as are the sidepods, and the rear-wing endplates slope backwards. It almost gives an impression of the car moving when it’s standing still, so it does look good.”

April 30 is the deadline by which regulations concerning design, tyres and engines must be agreed if they are to come into force in time for next season.

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