Philippe “less otimistic” about his son’s recovery

Bianchi’s father describes family’s ‘daily torture’


Jules Bianchi’s father Philippe says that his son is showing mere chances of recovering from injuries which he suffered at Japanese Grand Prix last year, adding his family is now “less optimistic” about his recovery.

On 5th October 2014 at Japanese Grand Prix, former Marussia driver Jules car left the track and crashed into a recovery vehicle. He suffered a diffuse axonal injury to the head at that time and went into coma till the date now.

He is in a Nice hospital and according to some statistics there are very few chances of recovering from this type of injury. His family is always beside him but lack of updates makes Philippe “less optimistic”.

“It’s unbearable, it is a daily torture, it sometimes seems crazy because for me, it is certainly worse than if he had died in the accident. Because we don’t have the power to help him more,” Philippe in an interview with France Info on Monday.

“The time passes and I am now less optimistic than I may have been two or three months after the crash, when we could hope for a better outcome”.

“It’s hard to get up in the morning, knowing that you are not sure if your son will be alive and every day it’s like that. At some point, you need to have your feet on the ground and realise how serious the situation is.”

Philippe says if he emerges from coma, then it would be a miracle but surely he would face several disabilities, something similar to Michael Schumacher’s accident.

“If he suffers from disabilities, we’re convinced this is not at all what Jules would want,” he said.

“We talked about it. He told us that if he were to have an accident similar to Michael Schumacher, if he were even just not to be able to drive anymore, it would be very hard for him to accept it. Because it was his life.”

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