Mercedes ready for contract with Lewis

Mercedes in urgent contract talks with Lewis Hamilton.


Mercedes formula one boss Toto Wolff wants to get in a long term contract with Lewis Hamilton as soon as possible and also wants to keep Nico Rosberg in the team for the foreseeable future. Nico Rosberg’s contract was extended earlier this year and considered him to be a valuable part of the team.

“We want him very much to stay for many more years. He’s great for the team, he’s part of the family, the relationship we all enjoy is more than just a professional racing relationship between driver and team. It’s on a different level,” Mercedes motorsport head Toto Wolff told reporters ahead of the season-ending race.

Currently, the pair are set to race together once again next year, despite clashing on and off track and the intensity of their championship fight also heated up. “The only thing the two are interested in is that they have the fastest race car possible. So I would say at the moment that we have a good situation,” explained Wolff.

On the other hand Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, the double world champion who is set to join McLaren next year when they start a new partnership with Honda, has made little secret of his interest in moving to Mercedes in 2016.

“Lewis is a very intelligent and mature person now who knows more about Formula One than many other managers out there,” he said. “I think he can represent himself in a good way, he has good support from consultants he needs to have, be it legal or tax or whatever.

“He knows what he wants and is straight about it.”


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