Lopez says Renault deal ‘pretty much done’

Gerard Lopez says Renault deal to purchase Lotus is ‘pretty much done’

Gerard Lopez
Gerard Lopez

Lotus chairman Gerard Lopez has announced that the deal with Renault is ‘pretty much done’ and soon Renault will again buy a controlling stake in Lotus according to the deal which they had signed in September which is now edging towards the conclusion.

It is a done deal which will be officially announced at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next weekend said by Lotus FI team principal Lopez.

“I think we’re pretty much there with Renault,” Lopez, a founding partner of Genii Capital, which bought the team under its previous Renault guise in 2009, told Sky Sports.

“I understand that Renault still has some things which they need to clear with Formula 1 and FOM, but as far as we’re concerned, I think we’re pretty much at a deal now.”

Lopez also revealed that Renault has asked him to stay even after the takeover and we will see the Renault returning to Formula One in 2016 for the first time as a full-fledged manufacturer team since 2009.

“You take over a team, they are eighth in the championship, you end up winning races, we had 23 podiums, so a very exciting time for a private team. So I am quite proud of what the team has achieved.”

“It won’t be me finished because they have asked me to stay on, so when the deal happens, I will stay on,” he said.

“I will still be an owner, but not in the capacity that I have now.”

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