Haze over Singapore Grand Prix 2015

Smog and unhealthy air over Singapore GP 

Singapore Grand Prix is in jeopardy because a cloud of smog is hanging over Singapore city. This hazy sky has been hanging over the city for the past week. The reason for this disturbance is due to burning of forests for land agriculture in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Singapore Grand Prix will be the 13th race of this season and defending champion Lewis Hamilton will be looking for a another podium victory adding 8th victory to the campaign with a commanding 53-point lead over Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.

The smog is regarding as low range of unhealthy air quality which is regularly monitoring by the organisers for the next weekend’s Grand Prix because according to them it can effects drivers visibility.

“The possibility of haze is just one of the many potential issues that are covered in the overall 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Contingency Plan,” a Singapore GP spokesperson said in a statement to Reuters.

Indonesian forest fires
Indonesian forest fires

This is not the first time the city facing these types of problems, as this same problem was also occurred last year but this time the level of smog has risen to “very unhealthy”. Many local sports events have already been cancelled, including university games and a football match due to this problem.

One spectator with a ticket for the F1 action told the Singapore publication Today: “My main concern is that it might get uncomfortable in the stands, especially if people around me aren’t feeling well.”

Another added: “I’ll try to bring a mask along with me, even though it will be quite cumbersome.”

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