FIA has outlawed the idea of ‘preloaded’ start trick

The FIA has told Formula 1 teams that a trick idea for a ‘preloaded’ start procedure will not be allowed on safety grounds as it gives the benefits of launch control effects.

FIA has outlawed the idea 'preloaded' start trick

The move comes after Ferrari revealed the concept in correspondence with the FIA– with all teams now having been notified on the matter.

The ‘preloaded’ start procedure allows the drivers effectively holding the car on the brakes once the driver had found a good balance with the clutch and throttle.

Preload procedure-:
• The driver would fully engage the clutch shortly before the start procedure commenced.
• Then, the driver would select first gear.
• The driver would then push the throttle until engine revs reached a pre-agreed point that would deliver the best getaway.
• The driver would then hit the brake pedal to commence the ‘preload’ phase.
• Moments before the final red light came on, the driver would start to release the clutch paddle to find a position where he felt the torque was best and then hold it.
• As soon as the red lights went out, the driver would then just need to release the brake pedal to make the perfect getaway.

Ensuring drivers are fully in control of start procedures has been an FIA priority in recent seasons, while teams strive for ways to still make start easier and more consistent for drivers.

It has been published by that F1 race director Charlie Whiting recently rejected a proposal put to it by Ferrari for a ‘preloaded’ start system.

Ferrari’s involvement follows its query over pre-loaded suspension systems late last year and Under F1’s tight start regulations, teams are forbidden from giving drivers any help with finding clutch biting points at the start.

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