F1: Ferrari debut on Italian Stock Exchange

Ferrari listed on Milan Stock Exchange (Italy)

Ferrari debut on Milan Stock Exchange
Ferrari debut on Milan Stock Exchange

Ferrari debut on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan on January 4th 2016 on Monday with a symbol RACE ticker opens at 43 euros and closes at 43.24 euros. Ferrari already listed on Wall Street (New York Stock Exchange) in October last year now listed on both MTA and NYSE.

The stock began trading after Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne, FCA Chairman John Elkann, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa and Ferrari Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari rang the traditional opening bell.

On the other hand Sergio Marchione thanked Prime Minister of Italy- Matteo Renzi for attending the ceremony and also thanked John Elkann and Piero Ferrari, heirs of Giovanni Agnelli and Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari chairman said in a ceremony that the team focus is to be at the top of the Formula one podium. He joked with F1 team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene saying that all requested investments have been made and expects that team will return to top position in 2016.

Piero Ferrari founder of Enzo Ferrari holds his 10% stake in the automaker while the Adnelli Company holding a majority of 23 % stake in the automaker.

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