Wales pulls down England from the 9th spot

Wales has achieved its highest FIFA ranking of all times

Wales transcends England in FIFA ranking


It was in the month of June 2015 that Wales climbed into the top 10 for the first time since the rankings were introduced in 1993. With their hard word and persistence Chris Coleman’s team is now holding ninth position as they prepare for Thursday’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Cyprus in Nicosia.

England who is earlier on the ninth spot is pulled down by Wales and now facing challenge to withhold its position in the top 10 tally of FIFA ranking. England is currently at top of their Euro 2016 qualifying group with a 100% record and will face San Marino on Saturday.

Wales director Coleman said the new surge in ranking would be a “confidence boost” however said achievement was making Euro 2016.

Coleman said: “We’ve been low in the rankings and had that rubbed in our face many a time.

“Now we’re doing very well, certain people want to say the rankings are this and they’re that, but the players deserve it.

“At the same time, the rankings are not going to get us to France. Success is getting to France.”

Wales is three points clear at the top spot of Group B with four games remaining as they endeavor to achieve their first significant finals since 1958. If Wales beat both Cyprus and Israel, who they will be hosting on Sunday, it will send them through to the finals in France.

Talking about other teams Scotland have risen one place to 31st while Northern Ireland (41st) and Republic of Ireland (51st) have both fallen one position.

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