Transfer Rumour: €40m deal for Mustafi by Aresenal

Arsenal has agreed to sign a deal for Germany International Shkodaran Mustafi by paying a handsome amount of approximately €40m to Valencia. The most surprising factor of this deal would be that initially Arsenal’s bid for Mustafi was €18m which finally negotiated to €40m.

Transfer Rumour: €40m deal for Mustafi by Aresenal
Shkodaran Mustafi

Arsène Wenger was hunting for center backs for strengthening his squad since the beginning of this year and the injury of his two best center backs Mertesacker and Gabriel during their preseason matches has added fuel to the fire.

Valencia took advantage of their urgency and initially rejected the offer of €18m for Mustafi. Finally after a lot of negotiations Arsenal tabled another offer of €40m that is almost double their previous offer.

Transfer windows are about to shut by the end of this week and by signing of Mustafi, it seems Arsene Wenger’s search for Center backs will end. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said he is not reluctant to spend money in the transfer market after being criticized by fans.


Transfer Rumour: €40m deal for Mustafi by Aresenal
Arsene Wenger

Irritated with the criticism of huge fan following of Arsenal Wenger also said, “Spending the money and getting a top player; that is different and we are ready to do that. I will spend £300m if I find the player, if I have £300m. We are a club who has 600 employees, who need to have a responsible attitude as well.”

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