Spain played for pride 3-0 against Australia


The already knocked out Spain played against Australia on Monday. Though the game was not going to be decisive for both the teams but they played for their courage and dignity as both team was not able to catch a single victory in this world cup.

David Villa opened the scoring for Spain at 36th minute of the game with a superb back heel flip. Torres added another one for Spain at 69th minute after Iniesta set him up a perfect through in the box. Juan Mata adding up the third for Spain at 82nd minute ends the final score to 3-0 for Aussies.

Spain has shown a great piece of skill which they might have shown earlier. The victory may have gave some smile on Spain’s face but was not able to drill any position for them in the world cup. On the contrary the struggling Australia was not able to put any victory on their side this world cup.It seems to be a hard walk for both of the teams.

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