Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes is on Barca and Real Madrid’s radar

The Laliga giants are found to be in a tussle of signing rising Manchester united star Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes has spent only half a year at Old Trafford though his status with the club is already up in the air with the two Laliga giants closely monitoring him.

Despite being linked with the big ticket transfer the player himself denied any discomfort in Old Trafford.

His foresight to be with the club has been evident when he spoke after superb 4-1 victory at St. James’ Park on Saturday evening.

“I think the team has big characters and big players,” he declared.

“What happened against Tottenham can’t happen again. We play for such a big club and such a big team. This club deserves better than that. Everyone needs to be better, starting with me, I need to look at myself first and then at what the group needs to do better.

“Today it was perfect, after that defeat. I think we need to continue improving, don’t concede goals, as I said before, and keep scoring.”

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