Manchester United are seeking Louis Van Gaal exit

Man United could secure double deal by sacking Louis van Gaal and bringing Ancelotti, thereby increasing possibility of getting Ronaldo back on Old Trafford

Manchester United are seeking Louis Van Gaal exit
Cristiano Ronaldo


Ancelotti was sacked as Real Madrid boss in May. When he was asked about his future plans Ancelotti has revealed that he wants to return to management at the start of next season. He also hinted that he would appreciate the chance to take charge of Manchester United in the future.

He explained: “Of course, for every manager, they would all think of managing Manchester United.

“But let us see next summer. I will not take a job in mid-season, but I would like to work again next summer.

“If I don’t find a club with a good project, I can wait.”

Manchester United has always been amazed by the idea to bring Ronaldo back on Old Trafford. In that context they cannot neglect the closeness of Real Madrid former Boss Ancelotti with Ronaldo.

Manchester United are seeking Louis Van Gaal exit
Ronaldo hugging Ancelotti

Ronaldo has often talked about going back to Manchester United and may find the ideal opportunity if Ancelotti replaces Louis van Gaal.

While expressing his bond with Ancelotti the the Portuguese winger said: “Mr. Ancelotti was an unbelievable surprise.

“In the beginning I though he was more a tough person, more – kind of arrogant, and it was the opposite.

“He’s like a big bear, I can say. He’s a cute guy, such a sensitive person. He spoke with us every day. Not just with me but with all the players. He had fun with us.

“He’s an unbelievable person. I just wish every player could have an opportunity to work with him because he’s a fantastic guy, a fantastic coach and I miss him a lot because we won many trophies together.

“And I wish to work with him one day again. But now I’m good. I have a new coach and I’m happy too, but it’s great I have good memories.”


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