Fans Jinxed Russia for EURO 2016

Russia will be thrown out of Euro 2016 if their fans continues to show their hostile behaviour, says European governing body Uefa.

Russia soccer fans suspected of being involved in clashes at the game against England
Russia soccer fans suspected of being involved in clashes at the game against England

Who has ever imagined that having a huge fan following can cause trouble too but Russia handed Euro 2016 suspended disqualification by UEFA just because of unethical behavior displayed by its fans at the Stade Vélodrome during their opening match with England in Marseille.

The pain of Russian team does not end here. They were also fined with a huge amount of £118,000 which is adding to their woes as Russian Football Union is a non-commercial organisation. The rage and pain of Russian team can be imagined from the comment of Russian striker Artem Dzyuba.

He said, “English fans were no angels and equally to blame.” According to him Russia got this partial treatment to deprive them from the hosting rights for the 2018 World Cup. Russia’s coach, Leonid Slutsky, also rescued his team and supporters by saying “We do not know what happened on the streets, of course, but when the Russian national anthem was played and all the people were shouting, the English supporters, this was something not ethical at all. And all the gestures we received when we were on our bus on the way to the stadium from all these English supporters.

The Russian sports minister respects the decision taken by UEFA and agrees that there is no use of appealing against it but he also affirms that the Russian team has nothing to do with it. The Russian team is just facing the burns of the fire caused by its eccentric fans. Seeing the criticality of the issue and to avoid for coming troubles the French authorities have began to deport the Russian fans. Only time will tell now if deporting the fans can bring any change in the upcoming matches. The past history and high football fever however emphasize that it is very difficult to control the emotions and behavior of soccer fans. And it is right to think like that. After all its none other than more contagious SOCCER FEVER.

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