Delhi in danger to host their maiden T20 World Cup Semi-Final

Strong Speculations have registered about Delhi hosting the first semi-final of the World Twenty20, scheduled for March 30.

Delhi in danger to host their maiden T20 World Cup Semi-Final
Feroz Shah Kotla stadium, Delhi

It has been understood that there is some serious contestation going between ICC and Delhi Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) on ticket sales of the RP Mehra Block in the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. The rumours have been registered that tickets of the RP Mehra Block will not be sold which would mean that around 1800 seats will be empty on the big game. There is also another concern that no hoardings are allowed to be displayed in front of the stands.

A final decision is likely to be reached in couple of days with the ICC and BCCI also discussing alternate venues to host the game.

An official involved in the organization of the World T20 admitted that there had been “ongoing discussions” over shifting the Delhi semi-final to another venue.

“Because of the order of the court no ticket can be sold. It is embarrassing to have an empty stadium particularly when you are hosting a global tournament and all the world is watching you,” the official said.

The official also raised some serious question for the upcoming matches that is to be played on Feroz Shah Kotla stadium before the semi final match. He asked, “Should the matches on 26th (England v Sri Lanka) and 28th (South Africa v Sri Lanka) be moved also? What happens if one of the teams playing in Delhi on March 28 qualifies for the semis?”

Even if the semi-final is moved after numerous logistical obstacles, it is likely that if a team is already playing in Delhi, they would be against travelling to another venue just a day before such a big game.

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