Arsene Wenger is disappointed with the home crowd

The Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger has shown his distress at Emirates’ crowd by saying that the atmosphere at the Emirates on Thursday was the least enthusiastic he has witnessed in his 20 years with Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger is disappointed with the home crowd
Arsene Wenger

Gunners have played against West Brom at Emirates stadium on Thursday, where they beat the hosts by 2-0.  But Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was totally unhappy with the home crowd as there were a number of empty seats in the ground.

The fans may have shown their resentment following the recent results of the team by not attending the match. Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports Wenger said he can understand why fans are frustrated, but was “very disappointed” by the atmosphere at the ground.

“You want your fans to be enthusiastic, and we are not playing to avoid relegation,” he said.

“Ideally you want fans to be happy and I think they can be very proud of a lot at this club.

“We want them to be behind the team, to be proud of the club and the values and consistent achievement of the club.

“It is not enough, and we can understand that, but that doesn’t stop us from performing, the top level of sport is to master all situations.”


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