Shoaib Malik: Early Captaincy was a biggest mistake


Pakistan’s former Captain and all-rounder player Shoaib Malik has said that the captaincy after the ICC cricket world cup 2007 of Pakistan cricket team was his biggest mistake. If he would have denied the offer the scenario will be different.

In his recent statement Shoaib Malik said, “After 2007 World Cup that was held in West Indies after which Inzamam-ul-Haq took retirement, it was the time when if I would not have accepted captaincy, the scenario would be different, it would be better for my career”

At the age of 25 Shoaib Malik became the captain of Pakistan cricket team, believes that captaincy is the main reason for his downfall in cricket career so far. He also believes that senior players in the team at that time were not happy that the young captain leading them. “Seniors were not happy playing under a junior captain, the factor was there, being a captain at the young age offended some of senior fellows” Malik said.

Malik was made captain after Pakistan made an early exit from the first round of the ICC World Cup 2007 held in West Indies after which Bob Woolmer died in the team hotel and later while Inzamam-Ul-Haq also retired as captain.

“When I was removed as captain, I had gained a lot in confidence and knew a strong team could be built,” he added.

Malik, 32, last played for Pakistan in the ICC World T20 in Bangladesh this year but his last Test appearance was in August, 2010 and his last ODI appearance in the Champions Trophy last year, in England.

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