PCB: TO form an advisory committe

Now PCB wants to form an advisory committee with former players.


KARACHI: Now the Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to make the advisory committee comprising of Pakistan cricket legends similar to BCCI. In a meeting with board of governors on Sunday at Lahore that committee would be sought for including former players of the Pakistan cricket.

“The cricket committee is a very important part of the board but until now it has been headed by a non-cricketer, Shakil Sheikh who is President of Islamabad Cricket Association and a member of the governing board,” the source said.

Chairman Shaharyar Khan said that the committee would be headed by former captain and also includes more players of Pakistan cricket and other players which are not part of the board presently.

“So far the cricket committee has been confined to only players who are employed or linked to the board like Intikhab Alam, Zakir Khan, Haroon Rasheed or Iqbal Qasim,” he noted.

He also revised that the new cricket committee would be given the task of grooming the player’s performances and he also raised his concern over domestic cricket structure.

“Shaharyar wants more stress on quality rather than quantity and the suggestion is to reduce the number of departmental and regional teams in the premier first class tournament,” the source added.

“The PCB is also looking at a proposal to hand over the junior and ‘A’ teams to former players who are not in the board.”

In the past few years PCB had faced many criticism related to changes in domestic structure of Pakistan cricket as well as the schedule of domestic cricket. Due to change in schedule many players were not able to sign contract for foreign leagues.



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