Is India ready for the T20 world Cup 2016 or Not?

Indian cricket team  has lost its sheen.

India who is world famous for winning matches on its home pitches is showing a totally different effigy in the current series with South Africa. The same Indian Team with a little tweaks had taken down South Africa in the World Cup 2015 but fails to do the same on its home Grounds.

Days are gone when Indian supporters in the stands shouting for sixes now are sitting mourn watching their team easily defeating by the Proteas. Is it right to say that Indian captain has lost its sheen and control over the team, where he even cannot decide who should play on what spot.

The last match i.e. the 3rd ODI between South Africa and India is a perfect example of lethargy and non seriousness that the team has shown on the ground. India can consider it as one of its worst chasing experience where they dragged the required rate from 5 to 10 per over with two set batsmen playing and 8 wickets in hand.

Looking at the batting order it’s more than one can demand for a team (Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Kholi, Rahane, Dhoni (c) and Raina). It is not even wrong to say that players have differences in among themselves that are hindering their performance. The taste of synergy is totally missing which is reflecting in the playground.

The question everybody is pondering that with this attitude will India be able to hold the T20 world cup  going to held next year in  Indian or not?

Dhoni who is known for its experiments too is facing problems with team performance and prejudice behavior of the players. Though everybody knows that anything can happen in a game but can we tag this kind of couplets when a team performs consistently bad on its home ground.

Considering the ability of Indian team we should not cheer for the series win over Zimbabwe but should worry more of losing series against Team like Bangladesh and bad performance with south Africa when the major tournament T20 world Cup 2016 is about to come.

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